Athletes Get
The Ball Back


We are a non-profit helping youth to pursue their passions and obtain an education by connecting them to a wider community who cares about nurturing youth and their dreams.

We are unique because our focus is to reduce barriers, be accessible and level the playing field for all basketball lovers. We do this by generating support for our young athletes through curated events so they can chase their dreams without having the burden of financial hardships and build sustainable relationships with their communi- ties. By minimizing financial factors, we can lend athletes more agency in deciding their futures.


Day One Student-Athlete Packs have been designed for selected receipients to continue their basketball journey in Post-Secondary. This includes a $2000 scholarship, athletic footwear & apparel, physiotherapy treatment sessions, health & wellness benefits, gift cards, and more. 100% of our proceeds will go toward making this happen.

  • 1. Log in to your online or mobile banking app and select Interac e-Transfer
  • 2. Choose or add the recipients email address and enter in
  • 3. Enter the amount that you wish to donate
  • 4. That's it!